Adorable Little Girl Plans Fashion Show For Mom And The Internet Can’t Get Over How Cute She Is

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This adorable little miss is full of happiness over her day out shopping with Mom at the mall. She has come home with two new outfits and is bursting to share them with everyone. While her dad does the recording, Audrey puts on a fashion show where she is both the model and the fashion commentator.

She makes a grand entrance into the “studio”, which is the family living room, with shiny blonde hair flowing and her new dress twirling as she spins around. She’s soon describing the details of the outfit and her lovely new shoes that match.

LIttle GirlThis kid is as cute as a button, with bright shiny eyes and a big, bright personality to match. It is totally precious how she commentates on her second new outfit and the matching shiny new sandals on her tiny little feet. She certainly has a career ahead of her as a fashion commentator!

Little Girl

Fans can’t get enough of this little angel, “Your dresses and sandals are amazing, Audrey! The green dress with the seahorses is lovely. And you are very beautiful in those outfits. “

Audrey is from Kentucky and as a premature baby, she suffered some serious medical challenges as soon as she arrived. The diagnosis of a rare blood disorder coupled with heart issues saw her struggling to get ahead.

However, with perseverance, her dedicated parents have helped Audrey to blossom despite her earlier setbacks. What’s more, she has her own YouTube channel with millions upon millions of fans who absolutely adore her, too.

Audrey’s zest for life and bubbly enthusiasm soon gained her a huge following on her own YouTube channel. Her many passions in life include Zumba, music, singing, fashion, stuffed animals and baby dolls.

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