Baby Begins Laughing While Playing with Dad – This Is the Cutest Laugh, Ever

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Babies are just so adorable! But when they laugh, coo, gurgle or giggle, we get enchanted. Even the most serious looking adults will crack a smile or two with most of us doing ridiculous things to make the baby laugh even more.

Well, this baby takes his giggles to a whole new level when his giggles sound like a sheep’s baaa. This video is so hilarious especially when you hear his dad laughingly say, ‘This laughing situation’s gotta stop! You’re not a sheep!’

But of course, this message sets the baby off into a fit of giggles that makes his parents roll with laughter. His laughter is captivating, and I’m sure you’ll find it hard to move away from the video once it starts to play. I’ve watched it a couple of times already, and it’s still playing.

His sheep-like giggles are just too entertaining. I am sure this little guy provides endless entertainment with those giggles. So adorable!

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