“I’ll Fly Away” soars with nature’s acoustics in the heart of the woods

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You might have heard the term ‘bluegrass music’ when discussing country music. Likewise, most of you might think of it as the same. However, bluegrass music dates back almost hundreds of years & has inspired several musical styles.

One of the groups, known as the ‘Ransomed Bluegrass,’ has recently captivated music lovers with its unique blend of bluegrass & gospel music. Their rendition of the classic gospel song “I’ll Fly Away” has a beautiful twist.

The group has used Ukulele to give it a traditional country music feel. Their music video for the song “I’ll Fly Away” features the band performing in a beautiful outdoor setting. It has lush greenery & thick forest in the background.

The song is covered by several other artists, but the 6 of them have put their own spin on it. The music video starts with lead vocalist Darvin Martin & Jerel Sensenig playing a beautiful guitar & fiddle tune. At the same time, the rest of the band joins them.

As the song progresses, the band’s energy picks up. The tempo rises, and the harmony becomes livelier, creating a melancholic sound. It sets the perfect tone for this beautiful song.

The rendition of the song shows their strong faith in their religion. The way they perform the song uplifts and inspires the listeners. Their beautiful gospel music, written originally by Albert E. Brumley, is one of the most recorded gospel songs about eternal life, heaven, & acceptance.

Several fans have left heartfelt messages online for the group. One person wrote, “There will never be a time when all of us don’t need songs like this. So pick it, boys!!!” Another person said, “This made my day! For young men to be doing this made my heart sing! Thank you!”

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