A Baby Born With A Birthmark On The Forehead In The Form Of A Heart. What He Looks Like Now PHOTO

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Children are often born with various features that are very beautiful and interesting. One of those different children is this baby who was born with a birthmark on the forehead in the form of a heart.

When his father first saw that he was trying to clean the child’s forehead, thinking it was dirt but it was a birthmark.

This is the miracle that nature rewarded the boy Chinar.

Along with age birthmark grew, when the child turned 4 years old, it became clear that the sign of his forehead was becoming clearer, and was growing, which made more people want to see this little miracle and take pictures with him.

Doctors at the birth of the child said that the sign will disappear when the child turns 6-8 years old. But the sign has not disappeared and this is wonderful, because this different baby has two hearts.

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