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9-year-old violin prodigy performs Vivaldi’s ‘Summer’ on talent show
Thanks to the advent of reality TV and music competition shows worldwide, we can experience undiscovered virtuoso musicians. However, no one would expect
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9-year-old Keira Laver’s adorable audition will melt your hearts “The Voice Kids UK”
Nine-year-old Keira Laver from Dagenham appeared on Saturday’s latest episode on ITV. This adorable audition on The Voice UK Kids made all 4 coaches turn heads.
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5-years old girl wows Got Talent judges with uncommon voice
A little girl from Ukraine simply stunned the judges and the whole audience with her beautiful and unique performance at Got Talent Ukraine.
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Little boy with natural blue eyes, white hairs and lightning mark down his face goes viral
The video has garnered international attention for the little boy because of his striking features. People are referring to him as an “angel” because of
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Toddler With Heart-Shaped Birthmark Has Been Deemed ‘Love Baby’
Humankind’s fascination with birthmarks can’t be denied. A lot of birthmarks are inherited and come in diverse shapes. Because of this, many have come
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Charlie Puth joins Selena Gomez during her REVIVAL Tour for the first official live performance of We Don’t Talk Anymore.
It’s Repeat Rotation Video time again, and today it’s Charlie Puth and Selena Gomez singing ‘We Don’t Talk Anymore‘ live during a concert on Gomez’ recent REVIVAL Tour.
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Toddler best friends hug like they haven’t seen each other in years – when it’s actually been 2 days
The vast majority of us like to think we’re warm, sensitive people who are always there to give a hug to a friend or loved one who needs it.
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Look at these adorable babies’ reactions…They are so sweet
Newborn reflexes, otherwise called child reflexes or baby reflexes, are typical and are vital for a child’s endurance. They are the child’s muscle responses
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Peter Rosalita’s powerful rendition of “Go The Distance” on AGT: All-Stars
Peter Rosalita, a Filipino singer, is one of the 60 participants here to compete on America’s Got Talent: All-Stars. It is a spin-off that showcases past
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70 Million Views. The girl sang so that the judges fell on their knees in front of her.
A 7-year-old girl named “Chelsea” came to participate in “The Voice” vocal show. Kids, where he performed the wonderful song Alicia Keys – Girl On Fire.