Couple Celebrate 81st Anniversary, Shares Secret to Marriage…They are so cuteVIDEO

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1932 November 25 was quite a long time ago. Only fourteen years have passed since the First World War. The United States was in the midst of a Great Depression, and Franklin Roosevelt had just been elected President. He could buy a gram of gold for $ 21, but some changes remained. That’s the day Anne and John Bethar exult. They were born and raised in one of the strongest neighborhoods in Bridgeport, Connecticut, and fled to New York City for an immediate wedding, thwarting all plans by her family to marry an older man.

The really remarkable fact was that they were still married, even eighty five years later. He is now one hundred two years old and he is one hundred six years old. Their marriage is considered one of the longest-lived marriages in history, and it has been recognized as a champion of longevity in the United States. As John mentioned with a laugh. “They said it would not last long.”

If anyone can be a marriage professional, it’s just Anne and John. They also interviewed on TV and even provided a number of marriage tips to the public on twitter. It was very important to understand and accept their shortcomings. Avoiding quarrels and not holding grudges is also a good and important circumstance. John joked. “It’s just cooking, that’s the only argument we’ve had in our married years.” But Anne cut. Here is what he thinks. It’s just about cooking. ” A sense of humor also obviously helps a lot! The element of company is also a significant part of the mix. If you get along well with friends and have joy doing things as if you were friends, it is more lovable that love will last for many years.

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