A Trio Of Grey Whales Plays With Dolphins Off The Coast Of Dana Point

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A group of three friendly Grey Whales plays with a pod of dolphins off the coast of Dana Point, California. These whales swim upside down, twirl around, and even spout rainbows into the air as they enjoy their little dolphin companions. They even seem to swim with a couple of sea lions.

Pacific white-sided dolphins are known to spend time ‘surfing’ the pressure wave created by these friendly whales, in much the same way the dolphins enjoy bow-riding in front of a boat. The gray whales, twirling around and swimming upside down, appear to be having as much joy as the dolphins. Look for the whales spouting rainbows.

Gray whales make one of the longest migrations of any mammal. They travel every year along the U.S. West Coast from their feeding grounds north of Alaska to their mating and birthing lagoons in Baja California, Mexico. Once called “devil fish” by whale hunters, gray whales are now known as “friendly whales”, thanks to their amicable behavior towards boats.

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