Les Beaux Frères shows unique comedic act on America’s Got Talent

Без рубрики

Two men walked the stage of American-acquired talent and introduced themselves as Les Beaux Frères. Both were French-Canadian circus performers. Howie Mandel was very joyful because he was from Canada.

After their introduction, they came out on stage confidently and clearly. The judges were simply shocked because they were not really sure what was going on or what to present.

It was already clear when they would return to the stage, but this time the two men are completely naked, except for the towels that they hold just above the waist. It is fitting that happy and laughable music begins to be heard by the speakers.

The tension was fully created when they started dancing while holding the towels against them, they bent for a moment, turned and even folded. Each time they were so close to leaving it, they never did.

The judges laughed out loud at their inconceivable performance. The two men wet and turn the towels, sometimes even changing them. Once they touched each other.

Each of them made the last turn in the air with a towel, but this time one of them tore the other’s towel before catching it. He ran from the stage, leaving his friend to bend on the stage.

Someone next to him threw a small towel at him, which was not too close to him, so he had to run to it. He carefully picked up the towels. When he is safe, he goes out, making his last turn with a small towel.

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