Roller coasters can’t compare to this magnificent Switzerland mountain coaster 

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With a first-person view displayed in 4K quality, the beauty of Oeschinensee, Kandersteg is instantly apparent the second the scene fades in. You begin your tour at what seems like a roller coaster, except these carts are for only a single person.

Rather than bulky seats to strap into, these carts require you to sit down low, stretching your legs out in front. You make your way up to a cart, take a seat, and the pulley system begins to pull you up the hill.

On your left, a warning sign is shown: “No selfies. Do not stop on track”. Hopefully, these will not be issues that will misery you during your ride down the mountain.

The cart jolts suddenly and then picks up speed, moving gradually up the mountainside. You can see a forest up ahead; beyond that, huge mountains loom in the distance. After a short but suspenseful ride, you finally reach the top of the hill.

Rounding the corner, the pulley system suddenly stops. You’re now free to coast down the long slide. There’s one more sign: the final warning before your descent. “Do not stop.”

You accelerate quickly, careening down the mountainside. Fortunately, the sides of the slide raise significantly on the corners (else, you would surely slide off!). Near every corner, a cautionary sign advises you to brake. Between the exhilarating ride and the exciting views of the distant mountains, it’s difficult to determine where to look.

Within minutes, you’re at the bottom. It’s time to reunite with the pulleys. You are once again hoisted forward, this time towards the starting point. It’s over for now, but perhaps you’ll rewind (and take the ride all over again!).

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