13.6 million people have watched this baby dancing to a piano-playing Beagle
singing ‘Queen’

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What can happen when a baby and a dog “take the stage” and beautiful music plays along with it? One dances, the other sings.

Once the camera starts rolling, there’s no telling what might happen next. But something could happen to a father, his baby and their Beagle.

In this photo, he has a toaster guitar in his hand, and his faithful four-legged friend Buddy Mercury is celebrating next to him. It seemed that he was in his house another day.

But when Buddy started playing the piano, he also started singing. It’s not like he’s playing sheet music.

It looks like he’s playing just one note on them ‘just by moving his paws.’ And he lets out those howls and sings along.

And till then, this sweetness and wonder helps and supports him to dance. This musical duo immediately gained wide popularity and occupied high places.

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