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Middle School Band Nails ‘Sweet Child O’ Mine’ Cover
When the 14-year-old drummer, Jasper Hughes, shared a video clip of his middle school band’s performance of “Sweet Child O’ Mine,” fans of Guns N Roses
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Go back to 1969 with The Supremes’ ‘Someday We’ll Be Together’
Someday We’ll Be Together’ is a classic song that continues to be beloved by music lovers worldwide. The song, performed by The Supremes in 1969, is an
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6-Year-Old Blind Piano Prodigy Astounds with His Remarkable Musical Abilities
Avett Ray Maness, a blind 6-year-old from Ohio, captures the heart and ears of millions with his masterful piano covers of classic songs, skillfully playing by ear.
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The ‘Blue Twins’ made headlines all over the world thanks to their amazing eyes – and this is how they look today
The Twins first gained public attention on social media in 2015 after their mother posted their photo on Instagram. The girls, who were only four then
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Bobi, the world’s oldest dog at 30 can teach you a thing or two
Bobi, the Portuguese guard dog, is the world’s oldest dog. His face is so kissable, and he is such a cutie. He still has a puppy dog face.
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First Words: A Deaf Baby’s Joyous Reaction to Hearing for the First Time
Prepare to have your heart touched as you witness the extraordinary moment when a deaf baby hears his mother’s voice for the first time.
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The judges turned in less than a second. Everyone was taken aback by this girl. Bravo.
Now we’ll show you an incredible number from the famous musical TV show “Voice of Children.” Danelia Tuleshova, a young girl, took the stage and, with
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Amazing 11-year-old makes The Voice coaches all turn within seconds
The Voice searches the world for the best singing talent. A special edition of the show invites children to audition. Georgia, an eleven-year-old, blasted
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Only 10% of People Solved This Visual Puzzle: Find the Hidden Dog in 15 Seconds
This will surely be one of the hardest challenges you will do today. You only have 15 seconds to succeed: remember to carefully analyze every detail and stay focused.
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Many people couldn’t find the hidden cat in this photo
Many people couldn’t find the hidden cat in this photo Only 1% of people see a cat in this photo. At first glance, this picture looks quite simple.