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Esther Cole performs ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ by Alec Benjamin in week 2 of The Voice UK 2021 Blind Auditions!
You could hear a pin drop in the studio as 22-year-old Esther Cole sang her version of ‘Let Me Down Slowly’ by Alec Benjamin, and she picked a very happy
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Seven brothers created an epic mashup dance for their sister’s wedding
Seven brothers, aging from 15 to 46, spent 6 hours rehearsing a dance for their sister’s wedding day. They danced to 9 songs total and even serenaded their
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Charming 15-year-old moves The Voice audience by singing ‘Hopelessly Devoted To You’
You never forget your first time in front of a live audience of millions. When Stella took the stage, she showed no signs of being a shy 15-year-old.
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Baby Begins Laughing While Playing with Dad – This Is the Cutest Laugh, Ever
Babies are just so adorable! But when they laugh, coo, gurgle or giggle, we get enchanted. Even the most serious looking adults will crack a smile or two
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Nurse Puts Dying Baby Next to Her Twin, This ‘Hug’ Results in a Miracle
The Hug That Change MedicinePremature twins placed together, saved by sibling hug.The power of touch has always been a huge healing factor, but the world
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Teenage virtuoso wows as singer and pianist with 1980s ‘True Colors’ song
When you think of great singers, you usually envision fantastic veterans like Andrea Bocelli or Tony Bennett. However, every once in a while, a prodigy
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The Voice Kids: Team Wincent with “Diamonds”: A dazzling performance
Coach Wincent and the talents Marvin and Benjamin N. once again show what they’re made of and sing and rap like crazy. Team Wincent shines in the finale
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The Voice Kids – Leticia chante « Friends » de Mashmello & Anne-Marie
Originally from Canada, Leticia has been passionate about France since she was a child. Her participation in The Voice Kids is the realization of two dreams
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An Evening with Tony Bennett: Captivating Audiences with Style and Class
In a rather eclectic choice, ‘MTV Unplugged’ featured legendary jazz singer Tony Bennett. The beloved big band singer performed his most famous song ‘I