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12-year-old writes CUTE LOVE SONG for his SECRET CRUSH!
Britain’s Got Talent heartbreaker Henry Gallagher is set to ask his schoolgirl crush out on a date this week following a boost of confidence from the judges.
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Watch Chayce Beckham & Casey Bishop Perform FINNEAS Duet! – American Idol 2021
Chayce Beckham and Casey Bishop were paired together for a one-of-a-kind duet on American Idol. The two Idol contestant and dynamic duo performed a cover
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2nd grader astonishes audience with an unexpectedly mature rendition of a Johnny Cash classic
This 7-year-old Johnny Cash impersonator is incredibly adorable. He sings ‘Folsom Prison Blues’ with a delightful twang in his voice as he astonishes an amazed crowd.
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Golden Years, Golden Buzzer: Seniors win Britain’s Got Talent
BGT, or Britain’s Got Talent, is a variety show that allows talented individuals to showcase their talent. The best part is that they recently developed
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Madilyn Bailey Performs an Emotional Original, “Red Ribbon” – America’s Got Talent 2021
Following the loss of her grandmother, Madilyn Bailey wrote an original song titled “Red Ribbon.” Madilyn is keeping her grandmother’s memory alive with
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Celine Tam Amazing Performance!!! – How Far I’ll Go | Miss World 2017
Celine is a 9 year old female singer from Hong Kong. Both she and her sister Dion are named after Canadian singer Celine Dion. At the age of three, she
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Ray Charles and the mighty power of ‘America The Beautiful’
‘The Dick Cavett Show’ welcomed the soulful Ray Charles to perform ‘America the Beautiful’ to open the show. Many would argue that Ray’s version of the
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Savor Randy Travis’ velvety-smooth love ballad – ‘Whisper My Name’
Country star Randy Travis has become one of America’s most beloved singers. His mix of gospel, country, and pop helped him climb the charts in the ‘80s
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Soldier’s Mom Bursts Into Tears When Daughter Surprises Her at Work
One of the hardest things about enlisting in the United States Armed Forces is knowing there’s a possibility you’ll be away from your loved ones.
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D-Day veteran reunites with love of his life after 75-year wait
It was 75 years in the making, but worth the wait for everyone involved. K.T. Robbins and his French love Jeannine made fantasy a reality.