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This guy plays beautifully and sings beautifully
A young Australian singer has achieved an unprecedented feat on The Voice by spinning the 4 judges’ chairs before even starting to sing.
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This woman told the jury she was a doll, not a person, and began to sing. Simon’s response was not long in coming.
Chances are you’ve never seen someone – or anything – like Sada Vidoo. “Right now I’m not working because I’m a doll,” he tells the camera.
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This is the unique performance in which Simon took the stage and did something he had never done before.
Throughout his life, Simon has been a judge on talent shows like America’s Got Talent, UK’s Got Talent, X-Factor, American Idol, etc., and he thought he
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Father and daughter threw a beautiful dance at their daughter’s wedding. The dance will be remembered for a long time
A wedding day is very special, both for the protagonists, the bride and groom, and for the guests. Few couples dare to take up this challenge judged by
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15-year-old Ukrainian woman in a wheelchair conquers the world in the world’s most famous talent contest
It looks like America’s Got Talent has a new starlet who has already captured millions of hearts. And she doesn’t plan to stop there. Ukrainian girl Yaroslava
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They were amazed by the voice of the first sister, but then the second began to sing
The famous show La Voz is mysterious by nature. The basic principle of this singing competition is that the judges must make their decisions on the performances
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Turns out caring for mom’s quadruplets is easy. Video
For 8 years, the gardeners’ spouses dreamed of a child, but due to Ashley’s health problems, every attempt ended in failure. Doctors claimed it would not
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The girl wanted to meet the legendary singer and she succeeded. The singer gave her the surprise microphone and she sang and surprised the audience
People rarely get to perform with their favorite artists. In fact, the vast majority of people will never have such an opportunity. That’s why, in 2018
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Parents Let Baby Taste Ice Cream For The First Time And Just Wait For Her Priceless Reaction
This baby tastes ice cream for the first time there’s a moment of confusion over what in the world this cold stuff is. But then comes the best reaction!
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On America’s Got Talent, an 84-year-old acrobat stunned everyone with an incredible performance.
The latest America’s Got Talent episode demonstrates that age is just a number and that we should never suppress or limit our talent. Leon, 84, and his