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Two former beauty queens got married: this is their love story
An amazing love storyThis is how Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico wrote their love story; one that has gone viral on social media. Miss Argentina and
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Kenny Chesney Finally Addresses The Rumors About His Love Life
Kenny Chesney is a famous singer known all around the world. Even if you’re not a fan of country music, chances are you know who this singer is and maybe
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12 Shocking TV Moments That Should Have Been Cut
One of the reasons we watch talk shows on TV is for unexpected moments. When interviews go wrong, when actors freak out, when someone ends their career
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The cutest puppy and baby share all their toys with each other
Jennifer Moore has a six-month-old baby, Elsie, who loves to share toys with their 11-week-old puppy Mabel. Elsie and Mabel are always together and are like twins.
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Tears respect flow when 96-year-old WWII vet sings National Anthem
At the opening of a baseball game in Michigan, a 96-year-old WWII veteran set himself to sing the US national anthem. This act unites Americans in their
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The baby is just a positive volcano, dear baby
The baby is just a positive volcano, dear baby. This baby from the first days simply conquered the network with her incendiary and positive dance, it’s
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10-Year-Old Girl Astounds Judges With Powerfully Beautiful Voice
From the moment Emanne Beasha walked onto the stage of America’s Got Talent, it was obvious she was someone special. The 10-year-old lives in North Port
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Baby Hears Favorite Song Play, Starts To Dance Jive But His Ending Cracks Audience Up
We have all likely seen footage of some amazing children from around the world on the internet. Are you ready to see one more clip that will knock your socks off?
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An autistic boy got on stage — seconds later he stunned the judges and moved the audience to tears
There are a lot of music programs on TV. And through them we sometimes get to see hidden talents that we wouldn’t otherwise know or hear about.
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The Stunning Transformation Of Chrissy Metz
It’s easy to sometimes get cynical about our favorite actors. After all, many of them are born conventionally beautiful and come from families with money.