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Baby Shoves Her Finger In Pit Bull’s Mouth And Dog ‘Launches’ Himself At Her Face 
Maverick Pit Bull fell in love with little Mia at first sight. The dog does not mind being a babysitter for a child. Over time the baby reconciled in her
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The Clean Cut: 4-year-old Claire Crosby appears on ‘Ellen’ after video is viewed over 150 million times
The Internet video of 4-year-old Claire and her father Dave has conquered the hearts of the world, the video has more than 150 million views.
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Guests start to holler when attractive mom and son duo put on show-stopping routine at wedding 
Wedding is one of the most important events in a person’s life. When it comes to wedding planning, no one feels more responsible than the bride and groom.
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Carrie Underwood’s mother joins her onstage and steals spotlight
If it wasn’t for Carole Underwood’s seven important words to her daughter, we may not have had the pleasure of enjoying the powerhouse vocals of Carrie
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“There will be no vacation!” People realized this as soon as their dog brought something in his teeth… 
A funny incident recently happened in the family of Ella Arundell and Russell Mac. The couple has three children, and they have dreamed of a holiday in Majorca.
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The baby was trying solid food for the first time his emotions were so funny
When children try and do something new, they react in a very interesting and fun way. The parents of this cute and beautiful child could not even imagine
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A real male dialogue between dad and baby son. It’s impossible not to smile.
We often see videos of children on the Internet, they are all very cute and funny but this child looks like an angel .After a tired and stressful day
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The baby is just a positive volcano
This little girl delighted the whole Internet with her dance. She moves very rhythmically, which makes her very pleasant to watch and makes you want to dance.
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Little boy says a bear saved him after he got lost in the woods 
A 3-year-old boy named Casey was playing in the yard with a few friends just the other day — and when it was time to come inside, he was absolutely nowhere to be found.
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The most beautiful girl Nastya Knyazeva grew up and changed her image
Russian child model, TV presenter. In 2017, she was named by the British edition of The Daily Mail as the most beautiful girl in the world.