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Willie Nelson’s son wins hearts with gorgeous rendition of his dad’s classic son
He sounds so much like his dad. Most people think Willie Nelson wrote the song “Always on my Mind.”Really, however, it was written in 1972 by Johnny Christopher
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This Texas marching band made for a fantastic halftime show
The Fightin’ Texas Aggie Band is one of America’s most remarkable marching bands. They’ve been popular for amazing performances at college football games.
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5-years old girl wows Got Talent judges with uncommon voice
A little girl from Ukraine simply stunned the judges and the whole audience with her adorable and special performance at Got Talent Ukraine.
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1961 release of ‘Crying’ by Roy Orbison hits number 2 on the charts
On July 31st, 1961, the legendary Roy Orbison released the hit song ‘Crying.’ From 1960 through 1966, Roy had twenty two singles reach the Billboard Top fourty.
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“They’re All Very Different”: 13 Years Ago Five were Born in the Artamkin Family: What Teenage Sisters Look Like Now. PHOTO
13 years ago, at the Artamkins, a real miracle happened. The couple had quintuplets. Five beautiful daughters. While still in position, Varvara found out
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‘I Got You Babe’ performed by Sonny & Cher on their TV show in 1976 
On August 1st, 1971, ‘The Sonny & Cher Comedy Hour’ premiered on CBS television. The show featured many joyful moments and awesome music performances
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The plus size model wore a dress that people are embarrassed to even look at. Photo in full growth 
Every day there are something else and more plump young ladies on Instagram who try to become plus size models.But not everyone has an unthinkable future
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Dad Starts To Play Guitar For Toddler Twins And Their Reaction To Dance Is Adorable
These toddler twins start dancing when their dad plays his self-composed guitar piece called My Paradise – a song he wrote just for his girls.
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Amazing 3-year-old girl plays adorable piano solo and earns over 21 million views 
See her in action in the sweet video below. Contents Kids’ brains are like sponges. Learning and retaining new skills is part of growing up.
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The “McLobster Sandwich” and other McDonald’s menu items you never knew about 
The McDonald’s brand is famous worldwide as one of the most well-known fast food restaurants. While the restaurant may be well-known, the same can’t be