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80s sweethearts Kenny Rogers & Dolly Parton’s “You Can’t Make Old Friends”
Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers have always been close friends and collaborated on several songs. Both the artists went through similar struggles in their
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Woman rescues orphaned baby rabbit who doubles in weight every day
Mandy Dooley recently rescued an orphaned baby rabbit whose den was destroyed by a cat. The animal was just cowering in a corner. Since he did not have
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5-year-old shocks her spectators with her 2’6” horse jumping talent
Many adults believe that riding a big horse is a significant challenge. But it feels incredible when you see a kid doing the same happily.
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Compassionate woman helps injured duck overcome her limitations
Kaitlyn Rice ran the Party Farms Animal Sanctuary. Recently, she received a phone call from a local feed store about a few sick ducklings who needed her help.
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Dick Van Dyke & Paul Lynde ask age-old question, ‘What’s the Matter with Kids Today?’
The 1960 musical ‘Bye Bye Birdie’ starred Dick Van Dyke and Paul Lynde. They took their Broadway success and turned it into a Hollywood movie.
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A history lesson within powerful rock ballad “Wind of Change” by Scorpions
“Wind of Change” was a song by the German rock band Scorpions, which they had created for their album, Crazy World, released in 1990. The song was written
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Legends Andy Griffith and Randy Travis sing together on ‘Matlock’
‘Matlock’ was a famous show starring Andy Griffith. The show also welcomed guest stars over the episodes. Andy welcomed country star Randy Travis to perform
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The tallest Great Dane in the world garners a lot of stares
From Texas, a 2-year-old Great Dane named Zeus had recently broken a Guinness World record. The gentle giant is 3 feet 5 inches, which is 1.
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This 1988 tune is a real gem, Randy Travis – “I Told You So”
Nashville’s Randy Travis was one of the legendary country music icons who had a career spanning over 40 years. In an era of country music, Randy proved
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Mama Husky is a perfect cuddle pillow for a sleeping baby
Huskies make lovely family pets as they are very tolerant of children. Siberian Huskies do get along very quickly with humans and can socialize well.