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117 hours in the severe cold
Have you ever wondered how photos of animals that you see on the Internet are created, how much time and labor they require. I will tell you about a professional
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5 months baby talks very funny
When a child is born in a family, this is a new stage of life for parents. For all parents, their children are the best. They are waiting with their hearts
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The love of a mother ready to do anything to protect children
This video will make everyone excited. It will prove that every mother love her children. There is no difference whether the mother is human or animal.
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Princess of the ice skating
All people have their favorite activity, many like to sing, dance, but Taryn jurgensen’s favorite activity is ice skating. Many people can’
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Baby born with ‘Silver’ hair
Bence was born in 2015, and his parents were got a shocker when a baby was born with head full of ‘Silver’ hair. At first, parents were wary of albinism
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Pilots, Mother-daughter duo
Piloting a plane is still a profession dominated by men. Estimates reveal that only about seven percent of commercial pilots are female.
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Stranded twin babies finally evacuated from Ukraine after American parents panic
Welcoming a baby into the world is a beautiful, difficult-to-properly-explain thing, but there can be no doubting that it can also be extremely stressful.
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A strange dog came to a woman and just slept in front of her. One day it came with a note on its collar
One woman saw an unknown retriever dog in her yard when she returned from 
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An 8-year-old boy took care of his sick mother himself. Now that boy is already 24 years old, how has his life going on now?
This story was first published 15 years ago in the media. Vladik, an 8-year old Dobryanka schoolboy, runs the household and cares for his semi-paralysed mother. 
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Nurse Places Dying Baby Next to Her Twin for Final goodbye, Then the World Witnessed a Miracle
Isn’t that amazing? How can we be affected by the availability of others?