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Meet Chris Barnes, an Australian hero, who devoted his entire life to rescuing orphaned kangaroos in his homeland
Chris Barnes is the hero of the day in Australia. To his credit, there are more than 30 rescued kangaroos left without parental care. Unfortunately, kangaroos
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The adorable Corgi born with one eye and two noses was saved from euthanasia and now is living her best life defying the odds
Corgi Nekku was born with multiple pathologies – she was missing one eye, but she developed two noses and fusion of the vertebrae. The veterinarians had
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A Mexican saved three hundred animals by sheltering them for the duration of a hurricane in his own house
A resident of the Mexican city of Cancun, Ricardo Pimentel, saved three hundred animals of various species from the raging elements by sheltering them
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Neglected tiger cub that was in a terrible condition gets rescued from a circus and makes an incredible recovery
Despite the fact that Aasha, the Bengal tiger cub, was 9 months old, she weighed only 30 pounds. And this is the norm for a 3-month-old cub.
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The faithful dog never lost hope and waited for his family on the same road for four years and for good reason
They say nothing beats the loyalty of dogs to their owners. Confirmation of this is the story of a dog named Bon-Bon from Thailand, who is called the new Hachiko.
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The dog miraculously survived the plane crash, and then lived in the wild without food and water for another three days
In late September, the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office received a call that a plane had fallen in the area of ​​the Arizona plateau of Paria.
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Smart dogs saved their 71-year-old owner after he passed out in a park where no one was around
The 71-year-old Canadian traveled with two dogs on a mountain trail in a national park. This is a normal walking route, but without a lot of people.
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Zola the Labrador retriever gave birth to 10 puppies, a very rare litter of black, yellow, and chocolate Lab pups
Dogs of the Labrador Retriever breed come in yellow, chocolate and black. However, cases when a female gives birth to puppies of all colors at once are very rare.
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A homeless man finds a tiny Chihuahua thrown on the side of a highway and jumps into action to save her
Salt Lake City resident Angel Janes was driving home when she noticed a man on the side of the highway next to a sign asking for money or a job.
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1-pound Chihuahua puppy, picked up and dropped mid-air by a hawk, survives and lands at rescuer’s feet
We know that the hawk is a bird of prey, which, upon noticing the bait, will immediately pounce on it. However, there are animals that begin to fight back