Meet Hansel, the first pit bull arson discovery K-9 in the US, who was rescued from participating in dog fights

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Hansel, a puppy named after Hansel, was rescued by the rescuers from dog fighting. The dog now helps American firefighters battle fires and fight arson.

Pitbull was seven months old when he was rescued out of the arena by his sister Gretel and his mother. Hansel hadn’t yet been required to fight dogs, so he was placed in a shelter and later in the Throw Away Dogs program. The charity works to make stray dogs law-enforcement officers. Dogs can now detect explosives and drugs after months of training. Their abilities will vary depending on the unit they are being taught.

Tyler Van Leer, a firefighter, asked for a service animal when Hansel was being trained. The man wanted a service dog with a professional sense for smell. This would allow him to find the source of arson before the fires started. Thus, Tyler had Hansel. Pitbull moved in with his partner and they now go to work every morning.

Even the dog has its own badge and vest. Hansel is well-known for his ability to locate the source of the fire and detain the arsonist. Hansel also discovered the origin of the fire in the warehouse. This led to the right punishment for four people. If firefighters have to solve a difficult case, they can borrow the Pit Bull from another state.

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