Selfless man is known as “the cat man of Aleppo” risks his life in a war zone to care for over 200 rusty cats

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The city of Aleppo in Syria is today one of the most dangerous areas on the planet. While many people fled their homes in order to flee the conflict, one person continued to care for hundreds stray and abandoned cats.

Mohammad Alaa Aljalee is known as “the cat man in Aleppo”. He began caring for abandoned cats when people fled the bombings and began to abandon their pets to him. Because he loves cats, he was able to care for them. He began to receive more fearful animals as the war progressed.

They were in dire need of food and shelter, and Mohammad was willing to provide it. He said that he initially had 20 cats. But, a year later, the shelter housed more than 100 feline refugees. Mohammad says that a little girl brought a kitten one day. – “Her parents were leaving for Turkey, and she came to me. They were aware that it was a shelter for cats. When she gave the kitten, the girl wept. I took a picture of the cat the other day and sent it to her. She wrote to me saying she missed her cat and asking for my promise to return it to her. 

Mohammad has become Mohammad’s only friend in Aleppo since all his friends fled Aleppo. He believes that a merciful person will be kind to all living creatures. “And they won’t be left, no matter how it happens.” However, Mohammad does not consider cats to be enough. Mohammad is active in the rescue efforts of the city. There are photos of him lifting children from blown up buildings and carrying them out of the ruins to feed the hungry.

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