Heroic Mother: One Woman Gives Birth to an Entire Brigade of Children at Once!

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Recently, an incredible event occurred in one of the city’s hospitals. A young woman who was about to give birth to her first child suddenly began to experience severe pain.

An ambulance arrived at the scene, and the woman gave birth to eight healthy children all at once! This is a real record in the history of medicine!

The happy mother, who gave birth to 4 boys and 4 girls, named them after her relatives. She said she never even dreamed of having so many children, but now she is happy to have such a large family.

The hospital doctors said that the delivery was very difficult, but thanks to the high qualifications of the medical staff, everything went well. The family received a lot of support and gifts from the city’s residents.

However, such deliveries have their risks and can be dangerous for both the mother and children. Therefore, doctors recommend using family planning methods and seeking advice from specialists if there is a desire to have a large family.

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