The intelligent puppy gets lost and decides to go to his veterinary clinic and waits for help there to get home

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A lost dog in Thailand was brought to a familiar vet clinic to be returned to its owner. Khiew Ngern was a puppy of four months who left his owner to take a walk and became lost.

The owner was on a shift at the restaurant. The puppy was unfamiliar with the area so he couldn’t go back. Khiew Ngern was able to locate his vet thanks to his keen senses of smell. After wandering around for six hours, the puppy finally came up with a brilliant idea.

He asked for help at a clinic, where he received routine vaccinations. Khiew Ngern found a place he was familiar with and began to scratch at the glass behind the clinic, bark, and draw attention in all possible ways. The staff member noticed the puppy, and allowed him to enter.

The veterinarians took some time to reach the owner of the dog. She finally found the right place for her dog. Facebook received 580 million views of the story about Khiew Ngern’s return and loss.

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